Dual-action and full fruition, this clippable toothbrush let’s you have your cake and brush it out too. No more struggling with the slowly dwindling friend group due to halitosis, now you can brush anywhere at anytime with this sanitary accessory. CommuBrush™ is a purely beneficial double-edged brush that brushes both ways, perfect for the modern user who may as well. Armed with two leash-like retractable heads and the underpinning of a lifetime, this toothbrush is impossible to drop and implorable to share, extend the breadth of your breath. Brush up on your hygiene, with CommuBrush™.


Combining the ever-present elements of air and water, HYGENIUS has the product that won’t leave you high and dry. This hydration anti-perspirant vessel helps you get wet to stay dry. Working as a biocapacity filtration system, this duplexed hydroderizer is the perfect doubleheader that assists you for those extra dry runs. Feel confident at the gym, know that you have your two-in-one solution for those dichotomic moments. Make your next workout work for you, and drink your way to dryness with HyDry™.

HYGENIUS comprised of a 5 part object and video series. Created and written by Aria McManus and Raine Trainor and directed by Avery McCarthy. We invite you to feel confident to exercise your privacy in public domain, in the original place where that’s made possible—the locker room. With HYGENIUS, sanitary doesn’t mean sedentary, sanitation meets salutation as these products are for on-the-go, applied wherever you are and whenever you need. Built to help you last, this series ranges from a far cry to a Close Call onto minding your gap with Slap Control. Here to help pay off that clean bill of health and keep a clear conscience.  

::Preserve and persist:: with your personal best. Preview the lifestyle of new human conditioning. Look the picture of health hinged on the reciprocal dichotomy that provides HYGENIUS with multiple applications and functions. Draft up your new lease on life with unlimited mobility and total freedom. Don't risk your body by letting imagination fail, there are so many mirrors in this world and they're unpredictable. Come clean, come confident.  Put the private in private enterPRIZE and the public in your parts with HYGENIUS: Hygenerous products created to render your hymaintenance needs. Always bringing the genius to your hygiene routine.

raine trainor

Close Call™

Your text message wit can be razor sharp but now so can your phone case with the new HYGENIUS Close Call™. ‘Missed spots’ can be unsightly and hard to solve when you’re out of the house--but Close Call™ has your back, conveniently mounted to your cellular device. Smooth the way for new contacts. Perfect for all of your trans-folical mishaps and missteps so you can continue to tame and maim what you don’t maintain. Comprised of a shock resistant clear case equipped with a razor head to smooth over any conversational blips. Close Call™ puts the nick in hygienic so hurry up and have a close shave with Close Call™, here to shave your day.

Slap Control™
This neo-generative bracelet is on the forefront of feminine hygiene, utilizing everyone’s favorite accessory, the slap bracelet, and giving it a perceptive contraceptive function. Slap Control™ bracelet provides your weekly fill of birth control pills in one never-forget place to help you nail down. Being sexually active and responsible has never been so easy or looked so good, this is the one bracelet you’ll be wanton. Servitude is finally sexy with this slap on the wrist. De-activate your reproduction and activate your fun production--mind your gap with Slap Control, brought to you by HYGENIUS.

HYGENIUS screening, Seward Park Women's Locker Room

Sheer Udder Brilliance™

The first bag of it’s kind, Sheer Udder Brilliance™ packs a hygienic hunch equipped with four-cornered toiletry dispensers here to structure your hygienic regimen. Now you can take your bathroom-to-go wherever you please, with sheer pleasure and copious amounts of convenience. Taking your hygiene to the next level, Sheer Udder Brilliance™ eliminates the digging, giving you four unscrewable access points. Made from the industrial quality nylon that preserves a stylist sensibility with a clean and clear motive. Quadrosterile functions filled to the brim with your higher and basic needs hygienic gels, now all yours in one easy to carry place to practice solidarity with oversanitary. Sheer Udder Brilliance™ puts the purse in personal hygiene.