raine trainor


Irie-Changed My Underwear™

​This hat is for the free spirit on the go--filled to the brim you'll always have a pair of underwear handy. A little pinch of pasta with a whole lot of Juggalette. This hat is equipped with the insistent nonchalance of the bucket hat topped with the soft-serve cherry on top conviction of a yellow beanie. Discharge yourself out into the world without the residue and with the confidence instilled in the faux fur sideburn detailing. Four pairs of granny panties included for that third wave feminist who only wears underwear Sunday-Wednesday. 100% cotton coverage for your 100% natural. Never put on an ice cold pair of undies--with 696 hours of scientific testing we were able to achieve the perfect cotton to knit picture to trap your headheat for the warmth of your undergarments. Elastic chin strap helps with those blistery days and doubles as the perfect purse strap when you've had that certain amount of coffee. Hurry up! Jamiroquai has already ordered five!


Just because you're sick it doesn't mean you have to give up on your panty play. Power through the sneeze-pee and red nose moments, grab a Kleenex from the anatomically accurate leather-tipped gape. Go back to your early days of childhood, fight that fever like your mother used to and reach back to use the rectal thermometer--conveniently located in a pocket pinned between your other cheeks. From snail trail to whale tail this thong has you covered with all things flu. This is one sickness you want to catch--ThongFlu™.

Coming Soon: BreakUp Thong™, because there's more than one way to dump!

HEAT EXCHANGE was organized by Aria McManus and Raine Trainor at Muddguts Gallery at 41 Montrose Ave in Brooklyn on Saturday March 22nd, 2014. . HEAT EXCHANGE featured "heat related" items (made by us) that ALL VISITORS were encouraged to obtain through trade. In order to trade for an item we asked that all items brought were combustible and non-toxic. Once all the items were traded there was a trash can fire where all traded items we received were burned. The ashes of the fire were then sold, with all monetary proceeds donated to the Bowery Mission. 

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust make a trade with someone you trust. Fire stack of all trades is a master of fun… Aria and Raine bring the heat, you bring the TRADE. Coming in hot with all sorts sizzling products, emitting, insinuating, and facilitating the free heat we all know and lust for. enterPRISE: redefined. Guests bring non-carcinogenic trade items--things you've been wanting to get rid of for that spring cleanse. We're going to set them on fire.

Turn this winter into a winner with some chill fervor of a youthquake. Store, trade, burn, sell aren't just verbs for a Friday night encounter.Clientele me something I don't know. Plz join us, make a deal, weigh it, burn it, then enjoy. One transaction this winter that won't leave you with any sore spots. We've got heat so quick you'll catch a cold.


​Foreskin free finger extended, circumcise your digits. Get ready to type and pencil in that dinner tonight, just peel back the yellow fleshed leather by unzipping and freeing your forefinger and thumb. Pick up the needle in the haystack, these mittens will allow. Get his digits while you warm yours. Made of the most supple construction grade leather, unzip and let your mittens perform like hands. Recreational consciousness expanded with each unzip. Don't go another cold minute with the opposables exposable, zip them up after you rehash-tag #doobie.